You know the feeling, you are watching kids doing something and thinking… “Omg, that’s horrible, why can they simply follow the instructions?!” And than the little things comes together and you find out, the children’s imagination just overgrow you at least million times and you suck!

Craft time is not just for them, but for you as well, to remember, how creative the mind could be. Remember, how big and overwhelming was your ideas and how hard it was to use the glue without ending up completely messed up. Lets put their imagination and your glue experiences together and create something sparkly, beautiful and unique.

Crafts are helping to develop learning skills, social skills, it teach kids to stay on one spot longer than three minutes. It also help them to grow a respect to you: “my mom, dad knows, how to do that” and thats cool.

I provide bunch of beautiful materials and ideas and I can easily bring them to your home or hotel room. Its great for the birthday parties, long winter evenings, or sunny summer days. You can also rent a space at The Whistler Tea House, which is kindly helping to this project. Traditional children crafts hour is happening at the Whistler Tea House every Sunday at 10:00 am. See you there!



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