Warm up your home with cushions

They are cute, fancy, cuddly, colourful, designer, funny, extravagant, vintage, long, huge…you can keep going forever. The sofa is without them the same like hamburger without ketchup. Cushions! They can be pretty expensive and thats why is so cool to do them yourself (you will find a special cushion classes in the section Sewing classes), or simply ask me and I can make the cushions for you.

Cushion was the first thing I have ever made, it took me about 20 minutes and even it wasn’t the prettiest thing, it completely amaze me. Here is couple of examples, with sew-in zipper, with piping, or the cuties made simply from the curtains leftover for one of the clients. She was very happy, that everything at her home is matching… And of course my favourite yoga bolster, which became a hero of my always tired legs. Yep, lets be honest to each other. However beautiful the cushions are, their place is simply under your feet.

Enjoy the pictures!

The curtain leftover was big,  it gave me lots of room for different shapes.

Gorgeous blue and gold pattern is now decorating Four Seasons Residence room.

Either gold or with the piping… always with the hidden zipper.

And the best at the end. Yoga bolster from weird material I didn’t know what to use for. Now is on of my favourite things in the house. Namaste.

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