New bench upholstery in Tapley’s make drinking beer and watching games even better

I have to admit it, me and my best friend – we spend many evenings at Tapley’s, playing bingo, watching UFC, running away from the depressing staff housing room, gossiping and having the best times. Celebrating lots of birthdays and saying many good byes. I was so exited, when they call me, that their benches need a new upholstery. Because it really is my neighbourhood pub.

The plan was super cool too – come to pick up the benches right after closing and bring them back before the opening the same day. Even I plan a short sleeping breaks, I was so exited about that, I couldn’t close my eyes. So with no more talking around – here it is, new benches in Tapley’s made by Whistler Sewing Services. All project has been done in one night. Go check it out, have a seat, order a bier and relax. You may meet me there, you know – testing, if they are comfy.

PS: I love my new hammer!

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