Having a seamstress can also save you daily expenses. Is your current strategy to discard anything that breaks? How annoying is it to stretch your budget just because of a broken zipper, unstitched hem or lost buttons? You can get your uniforms, linen, cushions… fixed right here in Whistler. Plus you help to save the environment by reusing what you’ve got.


What’s the main enemy of every housekeeping manager? Linens! Am I right? There are never enough, the housekeepers are running in the hallways, the linen delivery is stuck in traffic, and you still need sheets for the last two beds to be changed. And in the back of the house is a massive pile of ripped sheets, duvet covers with the broken zipper or missing buttons!!! Let us help to fix them, save money, double the stock in your shelves, and be free to solve other problems!


Need to refresh your rooms? New cushion (check here) covers, curtains or table cloths designed to fit your decor are an easy way to update rooms. Just call and miracles will start happening.

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